Our Services

Solution Lab Consultancy is an innovative and dynamic business consultancy offering comprehensive solutions that have helped hundreds of businesses reach their goals. Our experienced consultants provide strategic planning, organizational development, process optimization, analytics and financial planning services to help you take your business to the next level.

Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance exists to help hold businesses accountable while helping them steer clear of financial, legal and ethical challenges.

Working with you, we develop and implement proper structures and rules to ensure transparency, accountability, and security with the goal of creating sustainable long-term value.


Conducting Governance & Risk Analysis, Carrying out Risk Management, Board Management, Facilitating Board Appraisals & Assessments, and Company Incorporation.

Government Affairs

By engaging in Government Affairs, businesses can make their voices heard and ensure that their priorities are taken into account when decisions are made.

Our Advocacy Specialists act on behalf of Organizations to advocate for positive changes and educate stakeholders about specific issues.​


Advocacy Trainings, Facilitating meaningful interactions between Stakeholders, Advocating for Policies that are sustainable for businesses, Providing public presentations on Advocacy and the Legislative Process

Program Management

With proper Programme Management, entities can fund, prioritize, optimize resources and prevent conflicts while delivering sustainable projects.

 We work with you to priorities and select the projects that most fit your business needs as well as the wider performance targets such as fitness for purpose, stakeholder satisfaction and reputation enhancement.


Monitoring Evaluation & Learning, Stakeholder Analysis, Gender Mainstreaming, Impact Evaluation and Strategy Design

Intellectual Property Management

The Process of Intellectual Property Management comes into play when businesses need to effectively develop a system that tracks and records Intellectual Property assets in a streamlined manner.

We assist businesses to realize the significance of leveraging Intellectual Property with greater business objectives.


Intellectual Property Strategies, Intellectual Property Negotiation & Commercialization, Intellectual Property Protection, Intellectual Property Valuation, Intellectual Property Management Training and Technology Transfer.

Event Management

This is about creating incredible experiences, facilitating business connections and future success. Our Team works around the clock to ensure that attendees of events have unforgettable moments.

 Our process of Event Management spans from the beginning at event design stage all the way to post event evaluation and strategizing. Our experts work with you all types of events (in person, virtual or hybrid).


Programme design and management, Media Streaming, Speaker Selection, Travel Coordination, Venue Sourcing and Stage Management.